Access Manager 3.0

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Admin posted this 07 August 2015 - Last edited 25 July 2016

Access Manager 3.0 has been under development for some time.

With a whole new look, Access Manager 3.0 promises to be a more flexible and account for more of todays password management processes for logging into sites.

New features include ...

  • Self generating challenge/response questions
  • Familiar tabbed menu system
  • Unlimited passwords/passphrases per entry
  • Plus much more

We anticipte getting a Beta version relased later this year.

Thank you for all of your continued support.

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alexent posted this 11 August 2015

Having participated in the beta testing of AM2 and the previous round of beta testing of AM3 I would be very interested in continuing my participation in the beta testing of the new version of AM3

dopant posted this 16 August 2015

Can't come too soon. I am unable to run Access Manager in Windows 10. I have tried deleting the config file, but I just get the message 'configuration system failed to initialize' when I try to start the program.  Help

Admin posted this 17 August 2015

Thanks alexent - we'll keep you posted on progress.

Admin posted this 17 August 2015


Sorry to hear you can't get Access Manager running. Can you try to search your C:/ drive for all copies of AccessManager.config or AccessManager.cfg and delete all of them.

As a last resort ensure that you have backed up your password database and try to uninstall Access Manager and then download and reinstall it.


jsmith posted this 17 August 2015

It's been awhile but still interested, had old beta of 3 running today, just looking at it thinking I liked it better than what I'm using now.

mercury52 posted this 11 September 2015

Is there a link to the latest version of the beta Access Manager 3 that I could check out?  I was involved initially in the beta testing but that was some time ago.

Admin posted this 14 September 2015

Hi mercury52.

A new link to the Beta test of Version 3 will be released soon. We will get in touch with the initial Beta testers in due course.

Many thanks for your interest.

webb_ge posted this 19 November 2015

When will Access Manager version 4.2 be available?

Admin posted this 20 November 2015

Hi webb_ge.

The next version of Access Manager to be released will be version 3.0.

We are still currently working on getting a Beta version released.

Many thanks

Michael_j posted this 28 November 2015

If I purchase the Professional upgrade of Access Manager 2 now will it cover v3 or will I have to pay for the new version shortly?

Admin posted this 03 December 2015


Access Manager 3 will be an entirely new build of the software. Current Professional version users of Access Manager will be required to purchase a new product key. We have not yet worked out the new cost of the Professional version but it will remain around the same price as it is currently.

Full details will be released in due course.

Many thanks.

Admin posted this 25 July 2016

Update - Unfortunately Access Manager 3 development has been held up due to other software commitments. It is still intended to be developed we are just unsure of any timescales at the moment.

Please bear with us on this one.

Many thanks.

ggopmi posted this 30 July 2017

Dear experts,

I have a huge problem with Access Manager 2.
The log below tells about my environment. Otherwise it seems useless.

What I've tried:

- I uninstalled AM2
- Downloaded AM2 and installed anew.
the default place was different from the previous:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Citi-Software\Access Manager 2
it looked like AM.xdb was copied here.

- Running AM.exe failed as before.

Stopping Windows Defender did not help.

I found AM.cfg & AM.xdb with current date in another folder:
C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\Citi-Software\Access Manager 2
(AM.xdb differs by timestamp & size from my old xdb)
This dir contained AM.cfg

I was advised to delete the AM.cfg, and would restore.
That did not help. AM.cfg did not recreate.

May be you somebody has an idea, how to make AM working again.
I still have my old AM.xdb and know the password.

Should I try version 3?


Highwray posted this 30 July 2017

Access Manager 3 - looking forward to it.

Would like to help with the Beta version.

The long wait has now come to fruition for us faithfulls.

Michael Griffith


alexent posted this 20 March 2018

It has been more than a year since your last up-date on Access 3.  Would you please  tell us where you stand with the new release.

Admin posted this 27 March 2018

Hi alexent.

Unfortunately Access Manager 3.0 is still on hold due to developers other commitments.

We will of course update here if there is any news in the future.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for your understanding.

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