Access manager recovering passwords

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jethro73 posted this 21 December 2015 - Last edited 27 December 2015

Hello. I am struggling here. I have windows 8.1. Support tell me to find AccessManager.xdb, which isn't a problem. I have 3 backups of my access manager files. I'm told to 'copy it to the following location'. Which turns out to be 'C:\'myusername'\AppData\Local\Citi-Software\AccessManager 2' overwriting the existing file. What existing file? What is all this about? Can anybody help me to recover my passwords? I do realise I am no Bill Gates, but this is ridiculous.

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Admin posted this 27 December 2015

Hi Jethro73,

Sorry to hear you are still having trouble trying to recover your passwords.

In the folder 'C:\'myusername'\AppData\Local\Citi-Software\AccessManager 2' there should already be a file called AccessManager.xdb, you will need to replace it with your backup copy by copying your backup file and pasting it into that folder.


jethro73 posted this 27 December 2015

Hello Admin. Thanks for replying. I am going nowhere here. Been at it for hours. I don't have any trouble finding the xdb files, both the backed up one and the new one when I download Access Manager 2 from City Software. I presume I remove the AM.xdb file from the new download and replace it with my back up copy. What should I see when I try to open these xdb files? What I see is A file needing to be opened with MS Word, but just a load if gibberish. The options are windows (default), all greyed out, ms-dos, all greyed out, and 'other encoding, where I can change language to western European, but all appears as gibberish.

I have no idea what's going on, but I must have those passwords. I am running a new PC with windows 8.1. My old PC windows 7, but if I can find one and put my old HDD in it, It should work, shouldn't it? Jethro 73

Admin posted this 27 December 2015

Hi Jethro 73.

You are absolutely right in that you need to remove the downloaded one and replace it with the backed up copy.

You will then need to use Access Manager to open the file, so once you have replaced the file you can then open Access Manager and login with your password you used on your old PC and hopefully your passwords will be there. There isn't any other software that can read/open the xdb file, only Access Manager and Access Manager does this automatically when you start it.

I hope this helps some more.

jethro73 posted this 28 December 2015

Hello again Admin. I have done as you say several times, clearing each download each time.  It doesn't seem too difficult. The problem I am experiencing now is that I cannot get to that grey box in order to write my master password in. I'm sure I'm missing something simple here - but please bear with me! 


jethro73 posted this 30 December 2015

Can anyone else help? HOW can I find a way to write in my password when I can't find the necessary (grey) box to do so in???

spiner007 posted this 20 January 2016

 Need help...

I had a new HD installed on my PC along with new OS. I still have old HD as secondary non bootable drive. How can I get my old datbase into my new Access Manager. I never had a chance to do an export into CSV. I installed Access Manger 2 on new OS already. 



Admin posted this 21 January 2016

Hi Spiner007.

Use Windows Explorer to search your old hard disk for the file called AccessManager.xdb. This is your password database, the default location for this would have been 'C:\'myusername'\AppData\Local\Citi-Software\AccessManager 2'. you can copy this over to your new hard disk if you prefer to use it from there.

If you are using the Professional version you can use the 'Open Database' function to open your old password database. To do this choose File -> Database -> Open and browse for the AccessManager.xdb file that you recovered from your old hard disk.

Many thanks.

jethro73 posted this 21 January 2016

Hello Spiner007. As you can see, I've been struggling with this for weeks. Still going nowhere. I was told a long time ago that it is impossible to save AM unless you buy the professional version. Seems to be true. My only hope is to use my old HDD in another PC, boot from it, and hope the AM file is ok. Won't recommend Access Manager to anyone. All xdb files I find are no more than 88mb, which apparently is not anywhere near enough. Complete waste of time.


spiner007 posted this 21 January 2016

 Dear Admin,


Thank you very much. You explanation of the path of where the file is located is what was the key. Where I thought the file was probably just a working or install location. Once I located the file in the location on my olg HD and copied it to the same location on my new HD my old database opened with no problem! Thanks so much! You saved me allot of working trying to set up new user names and passwords on many sites!!!! 




You should follow the instructions I was given and make sure to use the files from the location I was given. Turns out that file exists in another location but isn't the actuall working database file. Once I followed the simple instructions above it worked like a charm! make sure to copy your old file you find in that locatoin to the same folder on the new HD. 

jethro73 posted this 31 January 2016

Hello all. I've managed to rescue my passwords by putting the old HDD into another PC and booting from it. Access Manager (free version) is -as I was advised a long time ago- not backupable! I have wasted a lot of time on this without any useful advice from admin. Unfortunately, I will never use Access Manager again, but one of the first things I will do is check whether I can create a usable backup in my new password manager.


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