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spiner007 posted this 13 June 2019

I recently had an issue that my Access Manager 2 just stopped working. I've uninstalled and reinstalled a few times and when I try and launch the app I get the following error message pop up "Padding is invalid and cannot be removed". Nothing has changed on my Windows 10 PC when this issue just started happening. I looked at my Norton to see if the program all of a sudden got blocked but I don't see anything. That was the only thing I could think of. I saved off my accessmanager.xdb file so I could restore my passwords after reinstalling. I was very surprised that uninstalling and reinstalling a few times did not fix my issue. Help???

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Admin posted this 2 weeks ago

Hi spiner007,

You can follow the same instructions on this page to get Access Manager working again.


spiner007 posted this 2 weeks ago

Dear Admin, 


Thank you for the response. I just fixed my problem and thought I would share what I did in case this can help someone in the future. 


So regarding the error message in my original post, I can't say exactly why or what it is. Per the Admin comments I assume what you are saying is what was wrong. I am fairly familiar with the file structure as I worked through needing to recover my passwords in the past when reloading the software on a new computer. The passwords I've created are located in two files located in 'C:\'myusername'\AppData\Local\Citi-Software\AccessManager 2'. when I uninstalled the software I also needed to manually delete the folder Citi-Software in the above path. Uninstall would not delete this folder therefore when I reinstalled the software I continued to get the error in my initial post. Once deleting the folder I was able to reinstall the software and I could launch a clean version of Access Manager 2. Per instructions from an Admin in the past I copied my saved files before deleting and reinstalling the software called AccessManager dot cfg and dot xbd. 


Once I did this I got the same error message as in my original post. I thought my password file must be corrupt and my passwords were lost. And in fact they were corrupt, sort of. Turns out I believe the actuall file that holds the password data is the AccessManager.xbd. The dot cfg file must just be a static file that doesn't get written to. On a hunch I tried only replacing my original dot xbd file and using the dot cfg file from the new install. Once I did that the program was able to launch and all my passwords were intact. 


I hope this is usefull to someone at some point. I would be happy to answer anyones questions in the future if they have the same or similar problem.