Cannot log on following PC upgrade

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G3YPV posted this 21 September 2018 - Last edited 21 September 2018

Surely this should not be able to happen?

I upgraded my PC from 32 bit to 64 bit, and during the process my programmes and files were obliterated. I had backups of the passwords on an external drive so I knew I'd be able to restore them. I downloaded the free version of Access2, clicked on the new desktop shortcut to open it, but it goes straight to the logon window. Entering my master password, which I know is correct, all I get is "invalid user name or password". User name I hadn't changed from Administrator. So I uninstalled and tried again, but it still locks me out. I deleted all the .cfg files but no help

This is serious as I now cannot get at any of my passwords. How do I get the programme to work please???



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casseverhart13 posted this 09 March 2020

What actually happened was whenever you try to login to Windows 10 on the login screen, it gets right back to the login screen again like nothing ever happened. No matter what sign in method used, be it password or pin entering, fingerprint login, or face recognition, it would only refresh the Windows 10 login screen.  sprinkler repair Orlando

patsm00re18 posted this 10 March 2020

I'll message you some time! I didn't know that too! And try bible trivia questions for free now!

Pool Cleaner posted this 18 March 2020 - Last edited 18 March 2020

I can't believe something like that would happen to you more than once!  What a tragedy.  It sounds like you need a professional service to help.  Hot tub repair is one of our specialties.  Just like in this case it will ruin your day if it won't work.

saeed25180 posted this 17 May 2020

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Mikelp posted this 19 May 2020

Hi Phil, have you tried checking the system requirement? See here. But just in case, it doesn't help I think you should contact support. Good thing I didn't upgrade to 64 bit and by the way, check out this best deck repair in Westminter, CO. 

Danielperez123 posted this 20 May 2020

I had  the same issue , how can I resolve this? Thanks nutraceutical merchant account

aurorapaving posted this 20 May 2020

Yeah can this issue be resolved or not? Thanks Aurora Paving

oaktowing posted this 20 May 2020

Im just tagging along with the rest of them. Thanks Oak Lawn towing services

LSwann posted this 21 May 2020

Hi G3YPV, 

Have you seen this. It has the information about moving AccessManager.xdb. I hope that can help.  Anyway, don't forget to visit our quickbook expert training page just in case you're a business owner and you're interested in it. Thanks! 

AndreiP posted this 22 May 2020

I just remember about the AccessManager.xdb. I think you need that in order to make your old credentials work. I think LSwann has the instructions found on the link above. Please update us once you have tried and fix the issue. Anyway, check out this boulder decorative installation service, this might help you enhance your home's curb appeal in Boulder, CO. 

DavidSulle posted this 25 May 2020

Any updates? Have you tried the suggestions above by LSwann, if not the best thing to do is to refer it to professionals or contact AccessManger support team. Anyway, please reach out just in case you also need a professional help for your residential concrete project in Wichita Falls, TX. 

johntaylor posted this 05 June 2020

Looks like no new developments here. I'll keep checking back in to see if anyone can figure this out.

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Kimbam posted this 25 January 2022

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JimBam posted this 25 January 2022

Try resetting the pc.

geebranz posted this 15 February 2022

Go for it. Upgrade more


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joedavidson02 posted this 26 February 2022

Hello, Phil! Have you resolved this issue? 

Marie143 posted this 01 March 2022 - Last edited 01 March 2022

Did you already fix your problem with your PC? I am willing to help. Just let me know. 

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arlensurrealistic posted this 02 March 2022

Entering my master password, which I know is correct, all I get is an "invalid user name or password".

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