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amren posted this 20 April 2016 - Last edited 22 April 2016

Dear Friends,

This may for you be a basic one, but for me its important to make it correct as I have lot of important info in AM.

Im today runing AM version 2.2.65 on my Windows 10 laptop.


Now I going to make some updates/changing and before that I would like to backup correctly AM software and files to my external HD.

At this moment I have moved the file from my programfile (includes 6 files)..but when I after that try to start AM from the exe file in my backup media  I get error message "This application could not be started".

Thanks in advance for help me solve this matter.


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Admin posted this 22 April 2016

Dear amren,

The two important Access Manager files that need to be backed up are your Password database (AccessManager.xdb) and the configuration file (AccessManager.cfg).

Access Manager Professional version makes it easy to backup these files, with settings for automatic backup. Details can be found here

Moving your Access Manager executable file will result in the program not running correctly. It needs to remain in it's installation folder. You will need to place these back in their correct location.

The files you need to make a copy of (do not remove them) are located in the following location by default. C: \Users\YourUserName\AppData\Local\Citi-Software\Access Manager 2\. You will need to take a copy of AccessManager.xdb and AccessManager.cfg. As long as you have these files backed up you can restore them without issue.

Notes: Do not be confused by the same file named AccessManager.xdb (size 88kb) in the installation folder, this is an empty password database.

Kind regards.

amren posted this 22 April 2016

THANK YOU A LOT..Now I understand which important files I must back up...very grateful for your replay...I probably also will buy the Professional version, but will wait until you have lanuced verson 3.0..

Again, thanks and have a nice weekend