How I got Access Manager (Professional) running on a MacBook Pro (El Capitan)

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AlexRowanCom posted this 28 April 2016 - Last edited 29 April 2016

Recently I decided to move my main computing to the Mac environment, partly due to concerns about the prevalence of Ransomware, and other general security risks of using Windows 10. Using a Mac 'side steps' much of this because hardly any malware targets, or gets through, to Macs.

I have been a fan of Access Manager for years and have the Professional version.

I wanted to use Access Manager in the OSX (El Capitan) environment and of course it does not run on a Mac. I also wanted to avoid running Windows on a Mac via software such as Parallels. Besides the extra costs (Parallells & a copy of Windows) it would have created too much system load and extra work.

My solution has been to use CrossOver Mac - it costs USD $59.95 & includes 12 months email support and upgrades (I used a coupon so got it for a bit less) and importantly, has a free trial; which enabled testing. (There are cheaper 1 month and 6 month options).

Without going into too much tech detail, I installed Microsoft NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 as a 'Bottle' within CrossOver Mac and then installed Access Manager into that. See screen grab. I then clicked on the 'Bottle' I created and selected the menu option to access C Drive, navigating to where Access Manager keeps the data store and config files (2). I copied MY files across and then opened Access Manager - all my passwords and settings were intact. Once a week I pop into C Drive to get a copy of my two files to store elsewhere as an extra back up.

The process was not difficult, however it was not super easy either. The points I have made will help people get this sorted however.

I would point out that CrossOver Mac does not mean one is running Windows on a Mac, it does not need a Windows license and Access Manager now appears as an icon in my top bar. Using it is simple.

Anyway I hope this helps some of you and if you get stuck - CrossOver Mac support is helpful. (I had one minor pe purchase query about where to find C Drive).

CrossOver Mac screen grab

Admin posted this 25 July 2016

Thanks for your informative post.

Good to know that Access Manager can be run on a MAC if required!