Identity Server - Server Replicas Issue

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Keno120 posted this 17 May 2018

Hi all,

I'm pretty new to system administration, and I was wondering if I could get some support. Recently, I updated the OS  version of my virtual machines from centOS 7.4 to centOS 7.5. After the update, I rebooted the servers. This is where my problem begins. I currently have an access management setup that uses 4 virtual machines: one that hosts the admin console & identity server, one that hosts the analytics server, and one that hosts an eDirectory via iManager. This setup was perfectly fine before the reboot, which leads me to believe there was some some sort of unsaved configuration. However, now my identity server which is running on a local VM ending in 108 is not communicating with my eDirectory running on a local VM ending in 106. According to the server health details the use store replica is not responding. "Ensure that all replicas of this user store are operating correctly". I'm trying to connect to the replica using SSL on port 636. The exact validation status is "Connection refused (Connection refused)". When I do a netstat I see that my identity server is listening for port 636 but nothing is on it. I'm not sure what happened, as I mentioned before this was all working before the updates. Please let me know if anyone can provide some support (possibly live). Thanks!


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Admin posted this 21 May 2018

Thanks for your post Keno120 but I think you may be enquiring on the wrong forum.

Access Manager is stand alone password management software.

Many thanks

casseverhart13 posted this 12 March 2020

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saeed25180 posted this 17 May 2020

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Mikelp posted this 27 May 2020 - Last edited 27 May 2020

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lesternelson51340 posted this 27 May 2020 - Last edited 27 May 2020

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horeakaii posted this 27 May 2020

OMG. This must have caused you so much time. Hope you can fix this.

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Patrick01 posted this 29 May 2020

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malkova1989 posted this 03 June 2020

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Danielperez123 posted this 10 June 2020

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