installing AM on a second laptop

  • Last Post 23 April 2018
zonnebloem posted this 18 February 2018


I want to install my professional version of AM on the new laptop and create the free version on the old one.

How to do this: the transformation of professional to free version on the old laptop?

Thanks for a reply.



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Admin posted this 21 February 2018

Hi Zonnebloem,

To remove the Product Key from an installation of Access Manager you can go to Tools --> Register and click the Clear button and then OK. This will clear your product key information and revert Access Manager to the free version.

Kind regards

zonnebloem posted this 18 April 2018


Now the other question.

How to install AM (professional) on the new laptop with windows 10?

I read about it, but it is confusing.

Please give me clear advices.



Admin posted this 23 April 2018

You will need to download and install Access Manager on your new laptop from here

You will then need to locate the AccessManager.xdb file from your old PC/laptop, it is usually stored in the following location C:\Users\’MyUserName’\AppData\Local\Citi-Software\Access Manager 2

Once you have located it you will need to copy it to a USB drive or similar and transfer it to the same location mentioned above on your new PC, overriding the existing one.

Please ensure that Access Manager is closed during the whole procedure.

After following these steps you can launch Access Manager and enter your Master Password to login.

Kind regards.