Is there an Android version of Access Manager?

  • Last Post 05 July 2021
Admin posted this 07 August 2015 - Last edited 07 August 2015

Not yet!

A version of Access Manager for Android is in the pipeline for development, we anticipate have more news of this over the coming year.

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ZenWarrior posted this 09 November 2015 - Last edited 16 November 2015

Please, please, please get an Android version of Access Manager onto the Android platform ASAP! I've already spent too much money trying to find another password manager that works as well as Access Manager. And just keep it simple like the present desktop app -- store the passwords for copy/paste and nothing more, especially auto-fill. Forget the fancy features which only causes problems and zero convenience. More tricks mean more possibilities of errors.

Both of us are losing money as I keep buying other password managers for Android and end up throwing them away. In over ten years, I've never once had Access Manager fail on me. Failures with others I've purchased for Android from other developers all too frequently leave me with no passwords. I'm begging you to stop what you're doing, get an Android app out, and then reap the profits! 

Admin posted this 16 November 2015

Hi ZenWarrior,

Thanks for your post and your comments.

We are working to get an Android version released as soon as we can.

We will keep you updated.


bobford63 posted this 09 February 2017

I notice this topic was last talked about in the Autumn of 2015, a good 15 months ago, are you any nearer to producing an android version of Access Manager?

I couldn't agree more with ZenWarrior's comments above, and have over 250 passwords in my Windows version of Access Manager, and don't really want to copy all these in to another password manager!

Surely 15 months down the road you must be near to releasing an android version of AM3????

Admin posted this 10 February 2017

Hi bobford63,

Thanks for your post, sadly Access Manager 3 and AM for Android have not progressed as much as we would have hoped.
We can't offer any indication of a release date or development schedules.

We understand the frustration and apologise for the inconvenience.

Many thanks for your understanding.

jennyj413 posted this 10 February 2017 - Last edited 10 February 2017

I finally put Team Viewer Remote Control on my Android tablet so I can access my PC and Access Manager remotely.  So far, so good. Would love the app though! Just suggesting an option until it gets in the works.


Admin posted this 13 February 2017

Hi jennyj413,

Thanks for your post.

Sadly Access Manager 3 and Mobile have been majorly delayed and we can't anticipate a release date yet so thank you for your comments and suggestions for using AM on Android.

rcohan2 posted this 24 August 2017 - Last edited 22 March 2018

Any additional updates about an Android version (6 months since last post)?  I really really really really really really want one and would gladly pay additional as an upgrade from Pro.


Thanks for the update.  I have moved on to SafeInCloud which has version where it is possible to share the database between devices and if you are good about sharing file in the cloud, you can easily share between user accounts.  The only thing that Access Manager has the SafeInCloud doesn't is the drag and paste option.  You must click and paste two times.  But that is a small thing.  There is an integration into most web browsers on your PC but I haven't played with it much.

Admin posted this 25 September 2017

Dear rcohan2.

Thanks for posting.

We completely understand the need for AM Android but unfortunately the development of mobile version is just not possible at the moment.

Really sorry for the inconvenience.

patsm00re18 posted this 21 February 2020

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jdart posted this 05 May 2020

I know it may be easier to code an app for iOS since their software comes from a single source, but not realeasing an Android version is really missing a major percentage of market share.  I know a lot of Android users in my drywall business.

horeakaii posted this 14 May 2020

Signed up to your newsletter. Great! Thanks!


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