Locked out, even with a backup on a different system!!! (Index outside bounds of array.)

  • Last Post 25 July 2016
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ZenWarrior posted this 06 June 2016

 Caveat emptor!

Clearly this is dead software and the developer no longer pays attention to paying customers. That really, really sucks. 

Caveat emptor!

Admin posted this 25 July 2016 - Last edited 25 July 2016

Hi ZenWarrior.

Sorry that no-one has been back to you on this error you are getting.

I'm not sure I completely understand your issue, usually deleting the configuration file would cause Access Manager to recreate it the next time you run it and reset the configuration of Access Manager thus removing the error and allowing access back into the software.

Please can you verify that you have the database file (AccessManager.xdb) and configuration file (AccessManager.cfg) both in the following location C:\Users\'Yourusername'\AppData\Local\Citi-Software\Access Manager 2.

Do you move the database files between your laptop and desktop to maintain passwords between the two?

Thanks, I will do what i can to help you solve this if you haven't already.