Moving data files

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Gwyndy posted this 28 December 2017

I have been contemplating moving the AM data and config files to a new location in my documents folder to make routine backup a little easier.  Are there any operational or security implications in doing this?

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Admin posted this 31 December 2017

Dear Gwyndy.

If you are using the Professional version of Access Manager, you can move your Access Manager Database file (.xdb) using the built in facility. Go to File --> Database --> Move and then choose the new location and click OK. You are not able to move the configuration file, this must remain in place for the application to read it.

In the Free version of Access Manager you cannot move your files. By physically moving your files in Windows explorer in the Free version you will cause the program to not work correctly.

If you move your database file, remember to update your backup to include the new location.


Gwyndy posted this 31 December 2017 - Last edited 31 December 2017

Many thanks for your reply.  I have used the Pro version of AM for many years - still the best password manager that I have found. 

I knew that I could move the data file but hadn't realised that the config file has to stay where it is.  I will leave both files in their current locations and continue to backup from there.



Fashion-smilesferrits posted this 02 October 2019

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rhainne posted this 14 April 2020

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