Parameter is incorrrect

  • Last Post 22 April 2016
MikeyB posted this 09 March 2016 - Last edited 22 April 2016

I'm  getting the above error, context is that I upgraded to Windows 10 recently, which had lots of bugs. When I rolled back to Windows 7 I get the error.

Admin posted this 22 April 2016

Hi MikeyB

You could try to delete your configuration file. To do this you can follow the steps below.

1) Close Access Manager.
2) Use Windows Explorer (Called File Explorer on newer versions of Windows) to Search for the file called AccessManager.cfg and/or AccessManager.config.
3) Delete all instances found of these files.
4) Restart Access Manager.

If you are using the Professional version of Access Manager you will need to re-enter your licence details by clicking Tools then Register.

Many thanks.