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Gilpiand posted this 06 November 2019

I purchased a Professional Version licence yesterday and I stil havent received the key.

Sent messages to support, but I have not had any response

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patsm00re18 posted this 21 February 2020

What kind of Licence is that?  There so many Professional Licence key out there. 
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casseverhart13 posted this 28 February 2020

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Lt.Ranger.Bob posted this 27 March 2020 - Last edited 27 March 2020

I purchased the pro version today and have not received my email with the registration code/key or a download link for the pro version. Thank you in advance for any help.

Danielperez123 posted this 16 June 2020

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Chris889 posted this 19 June 2020 - Last edited 19 June 2020

You need to call them to get the answers you needed. 

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LucilleM posted this 19 June 2020 - Last edited 19 June 2020

Email them or you can call their office for support. Had mine after I did that.

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diplo888 posted this 19 June 2020

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kensas posted this 19 June 2020

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dannylee posted this 10 July 2020

Email the support, They can help you at least
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jennylee posted this 10 July 2020

Maybe they must have forgotten. You need to call the support to help you
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jennylee posted this 10 July 2020

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seantal posted this 13 July 2020

I purchased professional key a long time ago
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chrisgay posted this 13 July 2020

I sent messages to support but no one can help me
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Breana12 posted this 14 July 2020

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Zander12 posted this 14 July 2020

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chrisjohn2211 posted this 17 November 2021

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anmark316 posted this 23 November 2021

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idasanka posted this 08 December 2021

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idasanka posted this 08 December 2021

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