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Admin posted this 16 November 2015 - Last edited 16 November 2015

What version of Access Manager would you use?

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jennyj413 posted this 21 April 2016

 Have both an Android Tablet and  Windows Phone.  Would love one for the phone as well.

Either or both woukd be great.

horeakaii2 posted this 06 October 2021

I have used Android for so many years and I have just switched to an iPhone given to me by my inlaws. I was then able to answer as to why do people love Apple products.

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marksando posted this 05 November 2021

I used the Android app. It's been a really handy tool in every way.


Jose | Corte CNC

dwright posted this 08 November 2021

I prefer the Android app. Very convenient and easy to use. 



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anmark316 posted this 23 November 2021

Android is the best. a lot of free apps.


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jmason posted this 10 December 2021

The android app works perfectly fine on my end. I prefer using it. 



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Kaysee_Williams posted this 20 December 2021 - Last edited 20 December 2021

I prefer android because it is very convenient when you ride on car. And it has a lot of free mobiles apps as well.

Charo posted this 21 December 2021

I just voted for Android. I prefer using it. By the way, please check out these metal fence repair contractors in Goodyear, AZ. Discover how the services they offer in that area. 

lcarter posted this 23 December 2021

Is this available on smartphones? I tried searching the app but I can't find it. I would love to try the Android version, I just hope someone can share the link here. 



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bahamianirid posted this 4 weeks ago

I am using an Android phone. Hope this is much better.


Nicolepatton23 posted this 3 weeks ago

Well my friend in Tree Removal Sioux City adviced me to use an IOS but I guess Android is better because of its lasting battery.

gshelt posted this 3 weeks ago

I go for android. User-friendly and easy to use. 



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