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Some models without heater, for example Pass use in rooms with the working conditioners, for protection against excess receipt of heat and an obstacle to penetration of exhaust gases, various insects and dust. Tsena and energy consumption of these devices is much less. During a season at us the thermal veil of KEV of the Russian production is in very great demand. The electric thermal veil with degree of protection of Ipobychno is used on car washes for protection of gate. Automatic equipment for its management is selected designers separately. Water analogs are most economic in use. If there is a gas brought to gate, then a thermal veil Teplomash to you in the help! Installation can be horizontal or vertical, depending on model and your wishes. It is carried out by specialists of shop in which you bought the equipment or assemblers of your enterprise. For the ordinary consumer it is important to be defined what price framework he wants to keep within and what his main requirements.

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Installation of equipment does not represent complexity therefore each house owner will cope with such work. How to choose an exhaust system for kitchen?It is necessary to pick up only correctly the ventilation system which will correspond completely to the area and number of storeys of the building.

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The main advantages of natural ventilation are simplicity and small costs of arrangement and service. The lack of such system one – as a result of certain weather conditions, for example, at strong wind, can arise reverse thrust. Natural ventilation of a cottage. Element of natural ventilation: stitched and exhaust ventilating channels; air valves and pro-spirits. Compulsory ventilation in a cottage. Unlike the system of natural ventilation, the compulsory ventilation system of a cottage is based on use of the special ventilating equipment. The compulsory system allows to filter qualitatively arriving air, if necessary to heat or cool it in independence of weather conditions. The mechanical system is deprived of such shortcoming as reverse thrust. But at the same time the cost of such ventilation system of a cottage quite big that in combination with the high prices of its service does a compulsory system by expensive pleasure. Compulsory ventilation of a cottage.