Warning: Cannot Clear Clipboard

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jcoates23 posted this 05 March 2016 - Last edited 22 April 2016

When I exit Access Manager a message pops up stating "Warning: Cannot Clear Clipboard". I'm using Version 2.2.65 on Win 10. Just started today.

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Admin posted this 22 April 2016

The clipboard is a shared resource in Windows and so it is possible that another application will be using the clipboard at the time of Access Manager wanting to clear it. When this occurs you will be given a warning by Access Manager just to let you know that any copied usernames or passwords will remain on the clipboard.

You can manually clear the clipboard by following these steps if you so wish.

  1. Go to start and type in the search box “RUN” and hit enter.
  2. In the command window type in cmd /c “echo off | clip” in the text box and press enter.
  3. Instantly a window will come and disappear in front of you. This indicates that all the contents of the clipboard have been erased.

Many thanks.

dianeBerlusconi posted this 12 November 2021

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This has also happened to me before but I'm not sure what I did. Anyway, I'm glad that the admin has made a quick response to resolve the problem. 

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